Accelerate the Site Selection Process

Reduce time to set up trials and boost investigator/site performance by an order of magnitude


Higher-yield and more expansive outreach to investigators

Disease Maps

Quickly and accurately identify the investigators and sites most likely to successfully recruit participants for a given trial

The Challenge:

Most solutions available today lack the capabilities to identify patient populations based on nuanced inclusion and exclusion criteria, link patients to treating physicians or sites of care, or provide a realistic view of physician engagement. As a result, both CROs and biopharma companies often struggle with labor-intensive outreach, high default rates, and long start-up timelines and delays throughout trials.

Our Approach:

Clarify leverages a powerful technology stack and dynamic episode creation tools. These enable real-time filtering of a national data set (200m+ lives) based on any trial’s specific inclusion and exclusion criteria (e.g., co-morbidities, demographics, Rx history, lab results). We then link each patient to his or her treating physician(s) and site(s) of care and create real-time heatmaps and data extracts showing volumes of precision patient populations by physician and site.

Our Impact:

Improve the efficiency of the site identification process
Link patients meeting specific clinical trial protocols to their treating physicians and sites of care to generate higher-yield and more expansive lists of potential trial investigators

Reduce cost and time associated with site startup
Enroll sites with higher potential to recruit patients quickly and successfully

Differentiate during the RFP process
Rapidly demonstrate expertise across therapeutic areas and indications, and provide confidence that high-performing sites can be identified and enrolled quickly


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