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Pioneering Solutions


Bold Vision

“I joined Clarify because they are creating breakthrough applications that are solving the greatest challenges in health care. Their applications can measure and monitor complex care processes to ensure optimal clinical outcomes in both quality and efficiency. The applications are also so powerful and user friendly that they empower physicians to be the essential, trusted care partner for patients and making medicine cool again!”

Dr. Jack Cochran, Former CEO of the Permanente Federation


Empowers Clinicians and Patients

“This is the precision and actionability we’ve been waiting for. Look no further for a big data and machine learning partner in bundles and population health. Clarify empowers physicians to tackle variation, optimize care and guide patients to great outcomes.”

Dr. Mark Froimson, President, ‎American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) Former Chief Clinical Officer, Trinity Health


Disruptive Technology

"What keeps me up at night is Silicon Valley entering healthcare and leapfrogging us."

CEO, Major US Health Insurer


Predictive Insights and Impact

"Clarify is deploying novel approaches to unlock the full potential of patient-level data. The team has developed an elegant solution to solving the problem of simultaneously managing multiple value-based payment models. This has exciting industry-wide applications. Anyone seeking to optimize on delivering the Quadruple Aim should take note—and more importantly take action.”

Niall Brennan, President, Healthcare Cost Institute, Former Chief Data Officer, CMS



"It’s exciting to be working alongside software engineers and data scientists who bring fresh perspectives and a contagious optimism that together, we will make healthcare all that it can and should be."

Sarah Chen, MD, Director of Clinical Transformation

Our Mission

Our moonshot is to power the personalization and optimization of every patient care journey.

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