Minimize Addressable Inpatient Clinical Variation

Precisely benchmark hospital utilization and quality performance and pinpoint interventions to improve your bottom-line


Improvement insights that engage clinicians

Inpatient Utilization and Quality

Tackle addressable clinical variation by engaging physicians with granular, precisely benchmarked utilization and quality performance data to change behavior

The Challenge:

Today’s tools fail to adequately take case-mix into account when benchmarking performance. Nor do they enable drill-downs to the granular elements driving cost and quality. Physicians rightly observe that their ‘patients are different’ and the insights provided to them today are not actionable.

Our Approach:

Clarify addresses the actionability challenge by leveraging a powerful machine learning engine to deliver precisely case-mix-adjusted assessments of utilization and quality metrics that impact internal hospital costs and reimbursements. We give hospital leaders a platform to more thoughtfully engage clinicians on addressable variation, accelerating action and bottom-line impact.

Our Solution:

  • Evaluate performance on hundreds of utilization metrics that drive hospital costs on inpatient care, such as length-of-stay for general and critical care beds, pharmacy, supply and device use, imaging, and lab testing
  • More rigorously benchmark performance on quality metrics, including those reported to Medicare and drive pay-for-performance bonuses and penalties
  • Benchmark performance to any provider in the country, powered by Clarify’s comprehensive Medicare claims dataset and 110M+ lives of national commercial and Medicaid claims data
  • Compare performance to expected values specific to one’s exact patients; leverage the superiority of this case-mix adjustment to engage clinicians in lasting change
  • Free yourself from black boxes – transparently interrogate performance at any level of care – hospital, physician, or specific patient type – as well as by service line or specific DRG.
  • Integrate your billing and clinical data with our platform to provide even more up-to-date performance assessment, more granular interrogation of utilization drivers, and grouping to specific clinical factors (e.g. lab values, test results)
  • Automate variation-related opportunity identification and impact assessment across your enterprise to easily prioritize areas for clinician engagement and intervention

Our Impact:

Pinpoint and validate addressable variation driving ~8-15% of direct inpatient costs
Eliminate addressable variation totaling $80-150m per year for a $1B revenue system.

Increase analyst productivity 2-3x and reduce duplicative data spend
Intuitively and flexibly interrogate massive data sets in real-time. No longer buy the same data multiple times, laboriously run SQL queries to organize it, or create pivot tables for analysis. Analysts are freed to generate insights vs. processing data.

Enable a clinician-led transformation culture
Assess performance in a way that physicians trust by benchmarking how one provider would have performed with another’s exact patients.

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