Scale Value-Based Arrangements

Succeed through precise bundle and population risk management.


Automate the Headaches Away

Contract with Confidence

Understand your position in the market. Sharpen your value proposition. Make better deals.

Forecast Performance

Monitor progress across multiple value-based programs in real-time. Predict quality and financial outcomes.

Reconcile Precisely

Automate calculation and attribution of bonuses and penalties. Efficiently manage billing and reporting.

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Value-Based Growth
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Payers want to transfer more risk. Providers want to take it on. Antiquated technology is getting in the way. Pivot tables and manual reconciliation are primitive approaches to manage risk. Our value-based program administration solution delivers the same automation and precision analytics used by financial institutions to handle derivatives and complex financial products.

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Win-Win Arrangements
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Value-based arrangements should align payer and provider incentives to deliver better care. That requires designing coherent programs and agreeing fair contracts. The ease and speed of Clarify’s planning and scenario analytics enables smoother, more transparent negotiations.

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Provider and Patient Alignment
Clarify Solution Desktop Clarify Solution Desktop Clarify Solution Desktop

Gain the power and flexibility to personalize provider and patient incentives. The platform's patient and physician-level analytics enable the testing and deployment of multiple types of incentives and nudges.

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Key Features of our Administration Solution

Scale value-based programs across multiple facilities and partners.

  • Better Contracting
    Make better decisions and confidently scale value-based care
  • Predict Performance
    Use advanced analytics to monitor progress in real-time
  • Automate Success
    Effectively manage the entire lifecycle of value-based programs

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