August 15 2019

Solution Brief: Provider Solutions

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Providers are facing a challenging environment with increased competition, lower reimbursement rates, and evolving payment models. In order to be successful in this shifting market landscape, it is critical to identify opportunities for revenue growth, clinical improvements, and value-based care expansion. The comprehensive data, technology, and people to power this change can be difficult to find. That’s where we come in.


– Network Referral Intelligence maps referral patterns in your market and identifies which of your physicians are referring outside of your system to help you optimize key PCP and specialist referral patterns
– Network Performance Optimization identifies the highest-value MDs in your market and helps you determine who to partner with in new markets

– Total Cost of Care Insights provides you with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your primary care, acute care, and post-acute care that pinpoints actionable insights down to the physician-level
– Inpatient Care Improvement allows you to uncover the root causes of unwarranted variations within the inpatient setting to help you reduce costs without sacrificing quality

– Value-based Program Success helps you design, negotiate, and execute bundled payment programs
– Member Risk Management identifies high-risk patients and enables you to develop tailored interventions to improve outcomes

Why Clarify:

– One-stop shop for all your data needs, linking claims data on over 200M+ lives, including 160M+ commercial lives, with prescription data, lab data, and ~400 patient-level social, behavioral, and demographic factors
– Tech stack capable of processing immense amounts of data which allows you to get real actionable insights and interrogable data in seconds, not weeks
– Industry-leading case-mix adjustment which enables accurate apples-to-apples comparisons at the health system, hospital, and physician level
– Best of Silicon Valley tech combined with informed clinical expertise to help you achieve lasting change

Case Study

Customer situation:
– A $7 billion health system wanted to reduce unwarranted variation and costs without hurting clinical quality
– Their previous analytics tools did not allow them to find specific and actionable insights at the physician- and patient-cohort levels

Clarify approach:
– Identified areas of unwarranted variation at a system-level in our SaaS Care Prism platform and drilled-down to the individual physician- and patient cohort-levels
– Prioritized the highest-value opportunities and generated actionable insights to address them
– Earned the trust of physicians by explaining our methodology

Clarify impact:

The customer kicked-off a $600M clinical cost transformation initiative utilizing Clarify’s SaaS platform to find savings opportunities

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