Sharpen your view of the market

Dramatically enhance decision-making across your product portfolio


Dynamic and actionable view of key market characteristics

Therapy Intelligence

Use a deeper understanding of the market to power strategic and tactical planning for soon-to-launch and on-market therapies and devices

The Challenge:

Commercial and market access teams are often unable to understand and track the markets in which they operate due to critical blind spots around the use and performance of their therapies. This can lead to sub-optimal decision making. Current data & analytics solutions lack coverage and longitudinality, linkages to other data sets, machine learning capabilities (e.g., for precision cohorting), and scalability across indications and therapeutic areas. Expensive yet underpowered consulting engagements are often required, only to be repeated on an ongoing basis. 

Our Approach:

We provide access to a dynamic, comprehensive, and segmented view of the market, which contains information on physicians, patients, and products, as well as detailed patient journeys, all filterable in real time.

Our Solution:

  • Using a database of over 200M patient lives and a best-in-class episode designer we rapidly configure comprehensive, custom insights on your market with detailed information on your patient population(s), therapy(ies), patient journey economics, and other key market dynamics
  • These views can be sub-divided by procedures, geographies, precision cohorts, or sites of care / provider types, and can be decorated with detailed data on risk, social and behavioral determinants of health, and labs for a richer view
  • These maps are dynamic – enabling filtering in real-time – refreshed on an ongoing basis  
  • At any time, users can “zoom in” for more detailed views of patient journeys

Our Impact:

Improve market understanding
Understand opportunities to improve performance and address unmet medical need

Optimize resource deployment
Understand where and how to position products, and proactively deploy or shift critical resources to where they will be most impactful  

Reduce cost and burden associated with ongoing market intelligence
Preclude the need to pair expensive, one-off consulting engagements with data sources that lack coverage, longitudinality, and a holistic view of market dynamics

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