Patient Journeys and Therapeutic Value

Demonstrate the impact of your treatments on disease trajectory and total cost of care for your patient population


Holistic view of patient journey, total cost of care, and therapeutic effectiveness

Impact Assessment

Access comprehensive Real World Data and physician-battle-tested analytics to assess and demonstrate the economic and clinical impact of your therapy or device

The Challenge:

Many biopharma companies struggle to analyze Real World Data for ongoing, meaningful insights into their patient populations and therapies, and to do so at scaleThis is in part because healthcare data can be difficult to gather, clean, and integrate, and outcomes are neither risk-adjusted nor tailored to precision cohorts. As a result, companies often feel that they are not seeing ROI on data investments, especially because RWE and HEOR efforts are often conducted as one-time analyses that don’t provide dynamic insight into ongoing performance or evolution in care journeys.  

Our Approach:

Clarify’s ability to seamlessly integrate data from claims, prescriptions, labs, images, and social and behavioral determinants of health (SBDoH) enables ongoing real-world insight into patient journeys. Our software also identifies precision cohorts of patients experiencing outlier journeys or outsized costs to the health system, and risk-adjusts outcomes so as to resonate with payers and providers.

Our Solution:

Using one of the largest patient datasets in the industry, we can identify meaningful cohorts for targeted sub-populations and create longitudinal patient journey maps spanning years. Our proprietary risk stratification methodology (covering 200+ built-in dimensions) allows us to accurately control for variability across populations and pinpoint the impact of a therapy. Finally, our deep understanding of what payers look for in RWE analytics helps us craft a compelling data-backed value thesis for your therapy.

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