Total Cost of Care Insights

360-degree view of cost and quality, identifying revenue growth, quality improvement, and cost reduction opportunities at the health system level


Actionable utilization, cost, and quality insights across all sites of care

Total Cost of Care Insights

Rapidly surface improvement opportunities and more confidently negotiate with payers, supported by more granular, case-mix adjusted insights and benchmarks

The Challenge:

It is difficult today to accurately assess and quantify performance across different phases of care, from ambulatory through inpatient and post-acute. To negotiate and price contracts with payers and demonstrate effectiveness in specific procedures and service lines, providers fly blind, making do with hazy benchmarks that fail to take into account important case-mix differences.

Our Approach:

In just a few weeks, Clarify delivers a detailed three-part diagnostic (ambulatory, acute, post-acute) by processing its 200m lives data set through a built-in grouper that dramatically simplifies the task of selecting and comparing sites, procedures, and individual physicians. Customers receive ongoing real-time access to insights, dashboards, and reports, updated automatically as data is refreshed.

Our Solution:

  • Obtain timely comprehensive diagnostics to understand current performance at the overall system, site, and individual physician level, and spanning service lines, DRGs, and episodes
  • Benchmark across the continuum of care against local, regional and national peers of your choosing
  • Focus improvement efforts with “Treasure Maps” pinpointing actionable performance improvement opportunities at facility, physician, and patient cohort-levels with automated root cause analysis to drive insight to action
  • Engage clinicians through case-mix adjusted performance comparisons honed through predictive models trained on Clarify’s data set encompassing claims, lab, prescription and social determinant of health elements
  • Seamlessly union in your own EHR, claims and administrative data
  • Easily communicate insights across your organization with user access and automated reports tailored to individual facilities, service lines, and physicians

Our Impact:

Higher revenue
Negotiate more favorable rates and value-based arrangements

Lower cost
Identify 5-10% in addressable cost improvement while pinpointing quality opportunities

Clinicians engaged in change
Align purpose and incentives through trusted and fairer insights

Better decisions, fewer surprises
Obtain the operational transparency common in the banking, retail and manufacturing industries

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