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The Clarify Digital Care Guidance System

Mission control for managing population risk, the Clarify platform empowers providers to deliver precise and personalized care journeys.

Our Approach

Applying the same methods used by logistics companies like FedEx and Amazon, the Clarify platform uses powerful machine learning tools to support providers in making decisions that optimize care.

Our health system and physician group customers have a mission to deliver great care. They are increasingly, through arrangements such as capitation, Medicare Advantage and ACOs, being asked to take on or share in the risk of doing so affordably. From groups managing as few as 10,000 or as many as 1,000,000 members, we hear a constant refrain. We would love to have a much more transparent, patient-level, real-time and point-of-care view for what decisions to make to optimize care. The questions asked include:

1. Are we ordering tests appropriately and from the right providers?
2. Are we referring appropriately and to the right specialists?
3. How do I compare to my peers in the way I am managing my diabetics? My hypertensives? My complex chronic patients?
4. Is it possible to obtain real-time insights to make better decisions?
5. Which physicians and partners should be in our network?

Clarify’s solutions answer these needs. Care Prism’s powerful machine learning tools dynamically assess the risk of any member as new information arrives. Clinicians are empowered to make high-value decisions, whether ordering a test, making a referral, intervening or letting nature take its course. Our platform automatically tracks interventions and claims as they are documented and processed, enabling precise assessment and performance forecasting.

Just as in bundles, patients and their caregivers can become full partners in their care journeys when the Care Pilot patient engagement app is prescribed to them. Care Pilot contains the patient’s start-to-finish care journey, with step-by-step directions and the ability to communicate with and send important information directly to the care team. Clarify Care Connect then empowers care navigators to become fully fledged care traffic controllers, with the ability to guide panels of in-flight patients through their journeys.


Understand Your Patients Holistically
Seamlessly link your patient-level data sets and augment them with demographic, social determinants of health, patient-reported, and patient-generated data. Create holistic patient profiles to understand risk and care needs.

Pick Your Partners
Assess local physician performance precisely to curate your network for success. Understand care patterns to strategically recruit and align key physicians to participate in value-based networks.

Manage Precisely
Understand cost, efficiency, and quality performance by physician and facility for all patient populations, networks, and value-based contracts. Drill into performance by service line, disease state, and data-driven patient cohorts. Quickly assess root causes of performance and variation. Identify needed clinical initiatives, focusing precisely on appropriate patients.

Steer Optimally
Holistically understand patient flow to assess network leakage patterns. Optimize patient care steerage by predictively matching patients to physicians, sites of care, and pathways.

Reward Personally
Assess physician impact on performance in value-based contracts. Improve and personalize incentives for physician gainsharing and shared savings.

Control Performance
Track performance dynamically, incorporating real-time data to assess risk and personalize care. Predict financial impact proactively to manage for success.

Our Impact:

Patient journey mapping and dynamic care navigation guides patients through personalized care journeys keeping them engaged and active in their own care.

Case-mix adjusted analyses provide physicians with data they trust, breaking down barriers to behavior change.

Actionable insights lead to collaborative conversations between care teams to standardize best practices and make timely updates to practice patterns.

By closely managing performance on a real-time, granular level, our customers deliver more effective and efficient care, managing population risk confidently.

The Clarify Care Optimization Platform

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