Network Referral Intelligence

Improve top-line revenue and continuity of care through enhanced visibility into specialist referral patterns


Insights that enable transparent choices

Referral Intelligence

Greater transparency on options results in better matching to the most appropriate providers

The Challenge:

Today’s tools struggle to bring together the necessary data to map patient treatment flows in a timely or granular enough manner to generate specific insights at individual practice, physician or procedure level.

Our Approach:

Clarify’s vast data sets unlock enhanced visibility into referral flows. Our analytics platform then allows for forensic interrogation through drill-downs all the way to procedure and site level.

Our Solution:

  • Identify sources of volume, and downstream utilization, to assess how patients flow through care
  • Understand market share and trends vs. competitors
  • Determine with which physician groups to partner or affiliate
  • Create fact-based provider dashboards

Our Impact:

Better match patients to the best care
Identify best referral matches across geography, service lines, PCP and specialists.

Strengthen competitive positioning
Enhance your visibility into competitor market share and surface growth opportunities.

Improve Continuity of Care
Reduce disruptions in care and increase patient satisfaction.

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