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Whether you are already participating in the BPCI program or are preparing to apply - with or without a convener - Clarify can support you through advanced diagnostic scenarios of episode performance, identifying root causes of spend and areas for improvement, and informing care delivery

The Challenge:

To succeed in BPCI-A, providers need to surface actionable, case-mix adjusted performance insights on the facility-, physician-, and patient-level. Timely insights without significant analyst investment enable providers to act quickly on areas for improvement and positively influence care delivery.

Our Approach:

As a CMS Qualified Entity (QE), Clarify leverages vast data and machine learning to more precisely inform the episode selection process. We deliver benchmarks on current baselines and predict future performance, including target prices. Our case-mix adjustment algorithms, trained on a database encompassing 200M+ lives, illuminate specific opportunities for improvement at the individual patient level.

Our Solution:

  • Ranked the #1 bundle solution by Chilmark, an independent research firm
  • Receive an early diagnostic assessment of program performance and specific guidance on program preparation strategy, drawing on Clarify’s Medicare claims dataset
  • Make confident episode enrollment decisions based on a complete bonus and penalty scenario analysis
  • Understand episode performance as patients progress through their care journey
  • Surface specific areas for improvement using precise, case-mix adjusted analysis at the hospital, physician, and patient level
  • Identify BPCI-A patients soon after hospital admission to ensure proper coordination of care
  • Understand specific risk factors of BPCI-A patients to inform care delivery

Our Impact:

Make episode enrollment decisions with confidence
Select episodes that are likely to be high-performing for your health system

Maximize performance in the BPCI-A program
Tackle specific areas for improvement for patient care and to maximize bonus potential, earning $4K+ bonus or more per episode

Improve clinical coordination and care delivery
Know your BPCI-A patients and their likely risk factors in real-time, increasing your ability to address issues before they occur

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