Enable Providers with 360 Degree Cost of Care Insights

Performance analytics across ambulatory, acute, and post-acute settings for your provider partners to target areas for performance improvement and enable them with root-cause analytics and customized insights


Insights on total cost of care to focus on high-impact opportunities

Total Cost of Care Insights

Understand provider performance in your markets across the continuum of care and disseminate analytics and insights your provider partners will value

The Challenge:

While risk sharing and value-based payments are critical to aligning incentives, payer-provider partnerships often fail to result in behavior change because providers lack the tools to enable performance improvement. Providers are either unable to develop their own analytical insights or the reports they receive from payers are not trusted or actionable.

Our Approach:

In just a few weeks, Clarify delivers a comprehensive diagnostic for each of your provider partners across 3 performance lenses: acute, post-acute and total cost of care. Using Clarify’s data set of 200m lives and built-in groupers, the task of understanding and comparing case-mix adjusted performance across sites, procedures, and individual physicians has never been easier. Customers can integrate their own data assets if desired, and receive ongoing real-time access to analytics tools, dashboards, and reports, all updated automatically as data is refreshed.

Our Solution:

  • Understand your providers with case-mix adjusted performance on utilization, cost, and quality across your market at any level of granularity, down to the individual physician and DRG level
  • Enhance your relationships by providing tailored “Treasure Map” reports pinpointing actionable performance improvement opportunities at facility, physician, and patient cohort-levels with automated root cause analysis to cross the chasm from insight to action
  • Customize treasure map scope and metric design to seamlessly align with the performance incentive contracts you have in place with your partners
  • Maximize the value of your data by integrating your claims, clinical, and purchased data assets into Clarify’s comprehensive data set including 100% Medicare claims, commercial and Medicaid claims on 110M+ lives, clinical data, and social determinants
  • Enhance analyst productivity with software that accomplishes in seconds what normally takes days or weeks in excel and tableau

Our Impact:

Understand your member population
Leading national data set enables a comprehensive market- to patient-level understanding of disease burden and demographic trends to inform your population health strategy and investments.

Empower provider partners to improve
AI-powered “Treasure Maps” tailored to your partners pinpoint actionable performance improvement opportunities and root cause analyses, focused on the highest impact areas for action

Establish physician buy-in. Finally.
Case-mix adjustment built by docs, for docs, with transparency tools so they can “look under the hood” and build buy-in for what needs to change

Disseminate insights seamlessly
Tailored reports to get easy-to-digest information and visualizations to stakeholders at the right level of granularity

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