Improve Care with Member Intelligence and Insights

Accurately identify, target, and manage patients at risk


Patient intelligence for care intervention

Member Risk Management

Deliver better care by identifying members at highest risk and addressing the root causes of this risk

The Challenge:

Risk scores are the basis of care management programs, but their effectiveness is limited because they are often opaque black boxes with limited actionability. Today’s risk ratings rely mainly on clinical factors and forget the critical social and behavioral determinants of health that can improve risk assessments and highlight intervention opportunities.

Our Approach:

Clarify’s Member Risk Management solution delivers powerful, transparent predictions based on clinical, social, behavioral, and utilization factors that impact each of your members individually. This allows you to address the causes of this risk and personalize the care for each patient who needs it.

Our Solution:

  • Identify and prioritize members by individual risk score and impactability – focus care teams on members in need who are more likely to be receptive to intervention
  • Surface key risk drivers, including patient-specific social and behavioral determinants of health, arming care managers with rich insights during outreach
  • Identify key changes in patient behavior or health status by tracking risk drivers over time and informing care managers real-time
  • Engage your care teams and increase care manager satisfaction by empowering them with the insights they need to be effective
  • Inform care resourcing and enable better ROI measurement across initiatives by tracking and monitoring your population risk over time

Our Impact:

Enable Higher-Impact Preventative Care
Predict a member’s future utilization to intervene and move care upstream

Improve Care Team Experience and Impact
Give your care team the tools they need to maximize efficiency and impact with their patient panel

Proactively Personalize Care for Your Highest-Risk Populations
Gain insight into your current and predicted population risk trends to be proactive instead of reactive

Track ROI of Risk Management
Analytics based on improvements in health enable assessment of intervention efficacy and ROI

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