Intelligent Care Journeys

Personalized care powered by data, managed by integrated care teams.



Next Generation Care Management

Leverage whole-person member views and predictive analytics to personalize and dynamically manage care journeys at scale. Facilitate communication, collect member-generated data, dynamically update member care management prioritization, and nudge members effectively.

Our Approach

Clarify Health supports care management teams to achieve higher clinical impact and ROI.

Powered by robust, real-time and patient-generated data, the Clarify Digital Care Guidance System enables care management teams to achieve clinical ROI through personalized care programs, higher engagement rates, and streamlined workflows for dynamic care management. As a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform, we can support community-level integration for team-based care, including social services, payer-provider collaborations, and remote or home-based care. We enable your care management team to achieve better outcomes and higher productivity.

Clarify Care Prism efficiently integrates and analyzes comprehensive patient-level data from diverse data, creating comprehensive patient-level insights for holistic care.

Care Connect maps patients to the most effective care journeys, combining structured care programs with personalized care needs.

The Clarify Care Optimization Platform

Actionable Analytics

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