September 24 2019

Solution Brief: Therapy Intelligence

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Leverage our real-world data & machine-learning algorithms for advanced analytics to optimize pre/post-launch efforts. Partner with Clarify’s Life Sciences experts to contextualize insights.


Clarify brings deep clinical and technological expertise to help partners pinpoint high opportunity patient-provider segments.

Brand Planning:
– Highlight high-potential market segments (specific patient and physician cohorts) to drive therapy adoption
– Calculate therapy opportunity by patient segment

Therapy Performance:
– Track prioritized patient cohorts / providers; compare performance against “expected” market share over time
– Define evolving, monthly “levers” for market share change
– Provide curated insights from combination of Data Science and Life Sciences experts

Clinical Informatics:
– Understand clinical events across patients’ care pathways, referral patterns, and treatment sequences


Prioritize known / unknown opportunities: Understand a therapy’s true, quantified opportunity within a patient’s journey and across a healthcare ecosystem
Maximize ongoing resource impact: Surface the highest impact “levers” for market share change across territories, providers, and patient cohorts each month
Improve brand agility: Continuously evaluate a brand’s impact with the full-power of Clarify’s real world data, machine-learning and Life Sciences expertise

Case study

Enhanced growth through opportunity identification

A global biopharma company with a soon-to-launch rare disease therapy

Customer situation:
– Disease is often mis-diagnosed, treated by palliative generics or by an expensive, modestly-effective therapy 
– Pre-launch, Therapy X seeks to identify a “wedge”, or target, population; post-launch, the team aims to uncover and adapt to inherent market biases

Clarify approach:
– Leveraged clinical informatics to test and refine probabilistic identification of afflicted patients using claims / lab data
– Scored combinations of patient, provider, & payer characteristics by likelihood to drive therapy uptake
– Segmented providers (including early adopters) and quantified their respective patient cohorts
– Conducted monthly expert sessions to discuss drivers of market share change nationally and in select territories

Clarify impact:
– Improved population identification
– Discovered unknown drivers of uptake and enhanced growth
– Developed pilot concepts to test brand “levers” & refine strategy

Why Clarify:

– Clinical informatics expertise enables identification of specific patient populations, including complex diagnoses and indications not easily identifiable from claims
– Extensive experience working with payer and provider customers, who trust Clarify’s proprietary risk-adjustment methodology to demonstrate impact of interventions
– Propriety attribution logic clearly identifies referrals between physicians and sites of care, enabling accurate mapping of a patient’s chronological pathway across settings
– Machine learning capabilities predict likelihood of adoption, importance of various characteristics, early adopter physicians, and provider performance by expected market share

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