September 24 2019

Solution Brief: Impact Assessment

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Leverage our real-world data & machine-learning algorithms to enable clinical and economic value assessments and values stories. Partner with Clarify’s Life Sciences experts to contextualize insights.


Clarify uses its clinical and technological expertise to surface insights that quantify and track therapeutic impact for precise patient cohorts.

Burden of Disease: Quantify healthcare utilization and quality metrics by HCC categories for a disease population or specific patient cohort
Therapy Outcome Comparisons: Assess a therapy’s clinical and economic impact using risk-adjustment to control for other patient-complexity sources of metric variability & compare to competitor therapies
Clinical Informatics: Size “difficult-to-identify” patient cohorts across unique combinations of patient, provider, and payer characteristics across 200M democratized patient lives over 4+ years


Generate RWE that drives market access: Move beyond basic measurement to build evidence-based cases for reimbursement that resonate with key stakeholders
Customize value messaging to payers and providers: Dynamically adjust national data-supported value messages to specific providers and payers, using timely data
“Apples to apples” population comparisons: Risk-adjust patient cohorts across therapies to mitigate audience claims that “my patients are different”

Why Clarify:

– Clinical informatics expertise enables identification of specific patient populations, including complex diagnoses and indications not easily identifiable from claims
– Extensive experience working with payer and provider customers, who trust Clarify’s proprietary risk-adjustment methodology to demonstrate impact of interventions
– Propriety attribution logic clearly identifies referrals between physicians and sites of care, enabling accurate mapping of a patient’s chronological pathway across settings
– Machine learning capabilities predict likelihood of adoption, importance of various characteristics, early adopter physicians, and provider performance by expected market share

Case study:

Increased adoption through evidence-based strategy

A global biopharma company with a therapy to treat pain related to osteoarthritis (OA)

Customer situation:
– OA pain therapy priced 100x higher than standard of care; faced market challenges despite superior efficacy
– Needed to improve and substantiate payer and provider value messaging

Clarify approach:
– Defined and built the OA episode of care algorithm to accurately identify precise patient groups
– Surfaced utilization and cost differentiators, risk-adjusting to isolate for therapeutic impact
– Identified cohorts that see outsized impact and assessed key drivers
– Armed account team with provider-specific performance dashboards

Clarify impact:
– Enhanced understanding of head-to-head performance comparisons and root-cause drivers
– Developed data-driven messaging that resonates with payers
– Significantly improved therapy adoption among providers

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