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November 08 2019 Jonathan Ward

Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Ward

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do? I’m a senior data analyst, and I work to ingest, clean, and analyze our data to deliver impactful insights to our life sciences customers. 2. What excites you most about Clarify? I love working with such a talented group of hard-working individuals who …

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November 01 2019 Colleen Farrell

What if building a high-performing provider network was as simple as shopping online?

Finding high-value providers is hard. Building a high-value provider network is even harder. It’s not because there is a shortage of great providers practicing medicine in caring, cost-effective, and patient-centric ways. Rather, it’s a lack of clear visibility into provider performance and an ever-changing definition of “high value.” Vast amounts of performance data exist, but …

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October 25 2019 Melanie Williams

Employee Spotlight: Melanie Williams

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do? I am a Principle Designer at Clarify Health focusing on creating excellent experiences for our customers. I focus on taking one of the largest healthcare data sets and wrapping it in software that is incredibly intuitive and flexible in order to unlock insights …

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October 11 2019 Dante Bertana

Employee Spotlight: Dante Bertana

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do? I am an IT Analyst at Clarify Health. Being part of a small team means wearing many different hats. My responsibilities include new hire IT onboarding, application support, AV support, deploying AWS resources for internal applications, and security and compliance. In short, I …

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October 02 2019 Michelle Chiu

Shifting from “sick” care to healthcare

What will it take to shift the American health system from “sick care” to health care? Health services today primarily focus on disease treatment in the acute care setting, rather than on prevention.  Primary care remains strapped with too few physicians and too little time. In fact, 24% of Americans live in Primary Care Health …

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August 30 2019 Chuck Feerick

Defining High-Performing Networks: Three Core Capabilities of Market Leaders

When looking at creating or optimizing high-performing provider networks, the first thing most payers focus on is provider performance on cost, quality, and utilization. What is often left out of consideration is measuring referral performance; do your Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) refer appropriately, or are they referring out cases they should have treated themselves? Do …

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August 27 2019 Tory Waldstein

Employee Spotlight: Tory Waldstein

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do? I am a senior Associate on our Customer Impact team. Part of my role is working directly with our customers to make sure that our solutions are meeting their business needs. I also work on the Total Cost Insights solution team, which is …

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August 22 2019 Robert Lin

How to Break Down a Complex Patient Journey to Achieve Growth

Patient journeys are inherently complex, but solving for them doesn’t have to be. As provider growth becomes a top priority for healthcare executives, mapping the patient journey is crucial to understanding how patients interact with the healthcare system along their entire continuum of care, and how well your organization is doing along each of those …

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August 20 2019 Kara Dennis, SVP and GM Life Sciences

Tackling Challenges Faced by Life Sciences Organizations

Since joining Clarify Health last year, I have been working with senior leaders at life sciences companies to better understand the challenges they face in navigating today’s fragmented and siloed healthcare data ecosystem. Even with my ten years’ experience in the clinical trials industry, these conversations have opened my eyes to the opportunities we still …

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August 19 2019 Erik Fiske

CMS’ New Medicare Payment Models: Deciding with an Edge

In 2017, if Track 1 MSSP ACOs had been operating under the new Pathways to Success rules, 40% of them would have ended the year with losses-owed to CMS. They would have owed up to $270M ($76 avg PMPY) to CMS.1 Conversely, Track 1 ACOs who outperformed their benchmarks enough to earn shared savings collectively …

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