October 29 2019

BPCI-A Tearsheet_vF

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Complete Diagnostic Assessment:
– Analysis of provider and market data to inform likely performance and recommended episode participation drawing on Clarify’s proprietary dataset

Performance and Change Management:
– Identification of specific areas for improvement using case-mix adjusted analysis and clinical transformation support

Patient Identification and Stratification:
-Prediction of BPCI-A eligibility upon hospital admission and initial risk stratification to inform optimal care and delivery

Case Study

Customer Situation:
– Health system with over 50,000 annual inpatient admissions
– Mostly FFS revenue, but wanted to experiment with value-based payment (VBP) models through BPCI-A and drive organizational alignment before deploying VBP at a larger scale
– Interested in a initial set of BPCI-A episodes with stakeholder buy-in, but little insight into projected performance in these episodes

Clarify Approach:
– Performed complete diagnostic assessment and categorized potential episodes based on bonus likelihood, stakeholder buy-in, and improvement efforts needed for bonus payments
– Assisted with program preparation by identifying areas for improvement efforts needed for bonus payments
– Tracked episode performance in real-time and identified major cost drivers and strategies for mitigation
– Clarifiers Customer Impact team delivered key insights and assisted with change management to promote organizational alignment and buy-in at the health system

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