February 22 2019 Michelle Chiu

Webinar recap: How to win in BPCI Advanced

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar sharing strategies and insights to help your organization win in BPCI Advanced. Our panel of experts debunked the top myths about the drivers of BPCI-A performance. For example, are you under the impression that there is only one target price per episode? If so, definitely listen to the webinar recording because CMS’s complex case-mix adjustment actually prices each patient individually based on acuity. This encourages providers to care for patients according to their unique needs.

In the webinar, the team also details critical strategies for success in this complex program and shares how to use your data to accurately project your performance and engage physicians in performance improvement. It starts with accurately understanding your case-mix and performance relative to peers and identifying areas for clinical improvement relative to specific metrics and for targeted patient populations.

The March 1 retroactive withdrawal date is around the corner. Whether you’re finalizing episode selections or engaging with clinicians on go-forward plans, there’s no time to waste. Get everything you need to know regarding the critical capabilities and considerations provider organizations need for success in the BPCI Advanced program. Watch the recording today!

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