April 30 2019 Jordan Nodal

Webinar Recap: What’s New for BPCI Advanced Model Year 3?

Last week, our BPCI Advanced team hosted a webinar covering the updates and changes included in CMS’s latest enrollment announcement. What should you know about BPCI Advanced Model Year 3? Our bundle experts, Michelle Chiu and Josh Loehrer, discuss what you need to be successful in Cohort 2. Unlike last year’s extended enrollment period, CMS will not release historical performance data until September 2019. That leaves your organization a very short window to make an educated decision about in which episodes to participate. If you find yourself questioning if you’re properly prepared for the program, or you’re just curious about what’s changed in Year 3, listen to this webinar recording today.

Did you know?

  • CMS will now include five new clinical episode types
  • There will be no “try before you buy” period
  • Providers won’t get their data until September 2019

Clarify supports BPCI-A participants in several ways, including our complete diagnostic assessment, performance and change management, and patient identification and stratification. Is your organization ready to take on risk-based payment models? These decisions can be too much to handle alone. As a CMS Qualified Entity, you can trust that we have the right data to help you make these critical decisions and power your success moving forward.

Watch the webinar recording today to learn more about the CMS announcement and how Clarify Health can support you in BPCI Advanced.

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