July 10 2018 By: Benjamin Swails

Texas Hospital Association Partners with Clarify Health to Support Quality Initiatives in Texas

Today we announced our partnership with the Texas Hospital Association to bring actionable quality and operational insights to member hospitals and health systems. Members will use Clarify Care Prism analytics to more efficiently and effectively improve care quality and delivery.

Clarify Care Prism rapidly assesses historical performance and identifies specific areas and patient populations most in need of improvement. Through our partnership, THA’s Center for Technology Innovation is building on award-winning solutions to drive success in value-based care.

THA is furthering their dedication to enabling superior patient care, clinical outcomes, and financial performance for its members through innovation. By understanding the drivers of operational and quality performance, Texas hospitals and health systems can better engage their clinicians in improving the quality of care, thus enhancing outcomes and rankings.

“Texas hospitals are committed to driving change and improvements that come with a shift to value-based care. To support and empower clinicians, hospitals need timely and granular insights. Through this partnership, we join Clarify’s extensive external data sets with THA’s member data creating unique and exciting new insights. This will enable our members to accelerate their quality and operational improvement programs.”

– Ted Shaw, President and CEO, Texas Hospital Association

As a Qualified Entity (QE), Clarify combines the full Part A, Part B, and Part D CMS datasets with the latest machine learning and AI technology used each day by the likes of JP Morgan and Amazon.

Clarify’s analytics help engage clinicians by solving three key problems:

Trust in the data
By bringing to bear a large enough dataset with machine learning, Clarify delivers case-mix adjustment precise enough to address the reality raised by clinicians that ‘my patients are different’.

Real-time forecasting
Precision cohorting and real-time tracking provide clinicians with in-the-moment insight into how their patients are likely to perform.

Actionability of insights
Having earned their trust, Clarify then identifies for clinicians the specific cohorts of patients that most need their attention.

The result is sustained improvement at a fraction of the cost of build-your-own, consulting, or other alternatives.

If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can implement advanced analytics for success in value-based programs, get in touch with Benjamin at [email protected].

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