June 06 2017

Clarify Health Welcomes Strategic Advisor Dr. John Merenich as Industry Braces for Transition to ValueBased Care

Kaiser Permanente alum partners with growing company as they expand their focus to include a broader set of bundles

SAN FRANCISCO, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Clarify Health Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in AI-enabled care guidance and clinical workflow optimization, announced today that John Merenich, MD, FACP, FNLA, has joined the company as a strategic advisor. Merenich’s insights and experience will inform the company’s path forward as it expands to align with the increasing market demand for new episode-based payment models, such as the soon-to-be mandated bundles for cardiac care. He will help advance Clarify Health’s award-winning digital care management and patient engagement platform to help more healthcare organizations in 2017 and beyond.

Merenich, an endocrinologist with expertise in the field of cardiac disease and lipids, held multiple leadership roles at Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO) prior to retiring in August 2016. In his new role, he will support Clarify Health by providing real-world guidance on best practices in clinical pathways, variation identification, and physician engagement. He is a timely addition to Clarify Health’s esteemed group of strategic advisors, which currently includes Jack Cochran, MD and Tom Barber, MD.

As the driving force behind many initiatives focused on the Triple Aim at KPCO, Merenich served as medical director of clinical informatics and decision support, director of variation analysis, medical director of the clinical pharmacy cardiac risk service, medical director of integrated cardiovascular health and medical director of population health.

“Value-based care is the core of the new healthcare ecosystem. In this new world, the Triple Aim has an increased sense of urgency,” said Merenich. “Healthcare providers need new strategies and tactics for reducing costs, improving outcomes and enhancing the patient experience. Clarify Health empowers providers to navigate this sea of change by arming them with real-time analytics and care navigation tools—technology that we couldn’t have even fathomed having at our fingertips in past decades. I’m proud to partner with the Clarify team to ensure a brighter future for patients and their families.

“Healthcare is truly at a tipping point and value-based care is redefining our industry. We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Merenich to our team of strategic advisors to help shape the future of care delivery,” said Jean Drouin, MD, CEO and co-founder of Clarify Health. “Dr. Merenich is passionate about the work we’re doing and even more importantly, he has been in the trenches. He has a first-hand understanding of the problems we’re solving. We’re confident that his partnership will prove to be invaluable as we advance our solution to reach more patients and change more lives.”

Clarify Health’s first-of-its kind platform enables patients and their families to take more control over their healthcare journeys. Each care journey is personalized based on a detailed patient profile that includes clinical, demographic and behavioral data. Real-time care orchestration is powered by both retrospective and predictive analytics, helping providers to engage more effectively and efficiently with their patients, and ultimately leading to higher satisfaction, better care and lower costs


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