December 02 2016

Clarify Health Solutions Raises $6.0M in Initial Funding


Clarify Health Solutions, Inc., the leading innovator in digitally-enabled care journeys, announced today that it has raised $6.0 million in an initial round of funding. The round was led by experienced investors who are inspired by Clarify Health’s conviction that patients and their caregivers can receive far better care through the application of the best technologies from other industries. Clarify Health has built a breakthrough digital care guidance system that seamlessly integrates powerful analytics, artificial intelligence, real-time patient navigation and smart workflows.

“As they adapt to value-based payment models, providers are wrestling with how to orchestrate seamless care that delights patients. Real-time digital care guidance enables health systems to dramatically reduce the waste and aggravation caused by inefficient care processes,” said Clarify Health’s co-founder and CEO Jean Drouin, MD. Prior to founding Clarify Health, Dr. Drouin was the Founder and Head of McKinsey Advanced Healthcare Analytics. “Our solution gives patients, providers, and payers the proven tools and insights they need to maximize quality, satisfaction, and value across the continuum of care. This financing enables us to expand our team of engineers, data scientists, and health care experts to better support our current and future customers.”

Healthcare providers have significant revenue at stake under new bundled payment programs such as CMS’s BPCI and CJR. These are the spearhead of an overall industry shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. Clarify Health’s digital care guidance system enables providers to streamline the delivery of care throughout a patient’s entire journey. “Clarify Health packages powerful analytics and delightful design together with extensive clinical operations expertise into the first real-time care guidance solution in the industry,” said Dr. Drouin.

“Our proprietary analytics engine, which currently runs on data from over 150 million claims, three million patients and a million physicians, uses AI to surface actionable insights that hospitals need to identify and capture value,” explains co-founder, CTO and CFO Todd Gottula who, prior to founding Clarify Health, was CTO at Advent Software, a publicly traded leader in the global Financial Technology industry. “By creating a data set that includes clinical, claims and socio-economic data, we help providers better understand the drivers of value in the care they deliver, and patients reap the benefit.”

“The Clarify Health solution is exactly what we have been waiting for in the healthcare industry,” said Jack Cochran, MD, FACS, who serves as an advisor to the Company. Dr. Cochran, a renown surgeon and physician leader, is a member of UCSF Global Health Advisory Board and former Executive Director/CEO of the Permanente Federation. “In a country where healthcare is rationed at the kitchen table, Clarify Health empowers patients and their families to take more control over their own care. At the same time, Clarify Health enables providers to more effectively and efficiently engage with their patients.” Cochran continued, “The Clarify Health team combines senior clinical leaders with the best of Silicon Valley’s engineering talent. Their unique experience allowed Clarify to develop a truly ground-breaking solution that will transform the way we think about communication and collaboration across the care continuum.”

About the Company

Founded in 2015, Clarify Health Solutions believes that patients and those who care for them deserve far better care. Clarify Health works to improve the lives of patients and their caregivers by delivering an innovative real-time care guidance platform that enables more satisfying, better outcome, higher value healthcare. The Clarify Health digital platform seamlessly integrates powerful analytics, artificial intelligence, real-time patient navigation and smart workflows to proactively guide patients and their caregivers through personalized care journeys. Providers and payers receive faster, more actionable insights to deliver more delightful care. Clarify Health brings together committed and passionate colleagues with backgrounds in big data and AI engineering from financial services together with extensive clinical operations expertise.

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