June 03 2019

Clarify Health Announces Nine New Predictive Analytics Solutions to Optimize Care Delivery and Clinical Trials

Analytics platform powers better patient outcomes, lower cost of care, and reduced time-to-market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  June 3, 2019 /BUSINESS WIRE/ – Clarify Health Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in advanced healthcare analytics and care optimization, today introduced nine predictive analytics solutions. Addressing the most critical issues impacting healthcare providers, payers, and life sciences organizations, Clarify’s solutions provide actionable insights to optimize patient care, manage risk, and accelerate time-to-market for therapies and devices.

Clarify’s solutions are fueled by a growing patient-level data set encompassing over 200 million lives and incorporating clinical, claim, prescription, lab and socio-behavioral determinants of health data. The company has built a foundational analytics platform powered by a technology stack inspired by those used by banks and internet retailers. This in turn enables the faster and more targeted deployment of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver predictive and actionable insights on patient journeys.

“Healthcare is becoming increasingly personalized. Yet payers and providers still lack granular, patient-level insights that enhance visibility into cost, quality, referrals, utilization, and member risk. We’ve taken the same technology found across banking, logistics, and consumer industries and developed a solution that more precisely predicts patient risk and more fairly adjusts case-mix for performance comparison,” said Manisha Gulati, Chief Customer Officer and SVP of Provider and Payer at Clarify Health Solutions. “Analysts are freed from pivot tables and SQL queries, unlocking significant capacity, while clinicians no longer have to contend with black boxes.”

In today’s rapidly-changing healthcare landscape, payers are challenged to create high quality, low cost provider networks while simultaneously improving care quality and delivering personalized experiences that lead to tangible behavior change. Linking to one of the richest data sets ever assembled, Clarify’s new solutions can help payers predict patient risk of adverse outcomes and identify the highest-performing providers to include in their networks. Providers are challenged to optimize patient volume flow and increase revenue while simultaneously improving their cost- and quality-of-care performance. With deep insights on inpatient and post-acute clinical variation, providers can easily track and validate improvement efforts, understand and predict when they are likely to lose volume to competitors and identify growth opportunities in specific service areas.

Payer and provider-focused solutions include:

  • Member Risk Management: Predicts patient risk attributes and generates insights on actionable drivers to help payers and providers improve patient engagement and care delivery
  • Network Performance Optimization: Leveraging the latest concepts from player performance analytics in sports, identifies the highest value providers to help create higher quality, more efficient provider networks
  • Network Referral Intelligence: Maps patient flows in a granular way and better matches patients to the right providers
  • Inpatient Care Improvement: Provides insights on inpatient clinical variation to improve cost and quality-of-care performance
  • Value-Based Program Success: Diagnoses current baseline performance, helps select the right programs and contracting arrangements, and assists in maximizing upside
  • Total Cost of Care Insights: Provides payers and providers holistic mapping of population disease burden and healthcare spend, identifying quality improvement and cost reduction opportunities at state, local and health system level

Life sciences organizations are challenged by long clinical development timelines and face hurdles with market access as the reimbursement landscape evolves. Clarify delivers predictive analytics, real-world data, and scalable insights to help clinical development teams improve trial execution and to support market access teams in predicting and demonstrating therapeutic impact. Clarify’s offerings are also designed to help market access, commercial, and medical affairs teams gather comprehensive, longitudinal insights on patients and care delivery to optimize product launch and ongoing performance, and to communicate benefits to payers and providers.

“Life sciences companies are seeking ways to understand the clinical experience of their patient populations and to communicate the value of their therapies,” said Kara Dennis, SVP and General Manager, Life Sciences, Clarify Health Solutions. “They are also looking for approaches to accelerate trial timelines in order to bring therapies to market faster. These companies often have access to substantial data and analytics, but the integration of novel types of data and the production of meaningful insights and predictions at scale has proved challenging. We’re excited to support our customers in conducting more efficient clinical trials and achieving a stronger understanding of their markets, patients, and therapies.”

Life sciences-focused solutions include:

  • Therapy Impact Assessment: Analysis of the impact of therapies on disease trajectory and total cost of care for a patient population. Clarify enables ongoing real-world insight into patient journeys through comprehensive grouper technology (enabling precise understanding of indications or therapeutic areas) and cohort identification
  • Therapy Intelligence: Dynamic access to a comprehensive, actionable, and segmented view of the market, which contains information on therapies and patients, including comprehensive, longitudinal patient journeys
  • Disease Maps: Real-time filtering for site selection and trial design: using a trial’s specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, users can create aggregate heatmaps and data extracts for key decisions in clinical operations. This tool accelerates clinical trial design, setup, and execution across therapeutic areas, while increasing the pace of clinical development

About Clarify Health Solutions

Clarify Health Solutions, Inc. delivers advanced analytics and digital solutions that empower physicians, health systems, payers and life science organizations to optimize patient care and clinical trials. The Clarify Health platform seamlessly integrates clinical, claims, social determinant, lab, and prescription data on over 200 million lives, and leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights. The power of Clarify’s cloud-based analytics stack, inspired by pioneering financial services analytics technology, drives the patient risk stratification, user engagement, and impact that differentiate our solutions. Clarify brings together committed colleagues with industry-leading backgrounds in data science, big data engineering, and enterprise software, together with extensive clinical, operations, and change management expertise.

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