May 07 2018

Clarify Health Announces Real-Time Precision Cohorting Capability

With groundbreaking aggregation of over 300 patient risk factors, Clarify Health is putting actionable insights in the hands of physicians to match patients to the right care.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 7, 2018 /BUSINESS WIRE/ – Clarify Health Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in machine learning-enabled care optimization, today announced an industry leading, real-time precision cohorting capability as an expansion of Care Prism. Clarify Care Prism, the company’s predictive analytics and risk stratification platform, brings cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities from financial services to healthcare.

Precision cohorting empowers physicians to optimize care by identifying the specific patient groups that require personalized attention. It ensures patients are matched to the most appropriate care and enables real-time forecasting of quality, risk of hospitalization, cost, and outcomes.

“This is the future of great patient care. Precision cohorting augments clinical judgment and provides physicians and nurses alike with a powerful tool to improve patient care,” said Jack Cochran, MD, former Executive Director (CEO), The Permanente Federation. “Clarify is a terrific example of how translating technology from other industries into healthcare can strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.”

By leveraging the predictive power of over 300 patient risk factors, Clarify is able to cohort patients into clinically meaningful subgroups. In addition to validated risk metrics such as smoking, hypertension, or diabetes, Clarify’s unique approach incorporates social determinants of health (SDOH) such as education, income, and living status into Care Prism. With this level of granularity produced in real-time, Clarify enables clinicians to identify high-risk populations that can be managed by early intervention, thereby reducing time to recovery and improving outcomes.

“Doctors and nurses have been eager to obtain trusted, insightful, case-mix adjusted data that acknowledges the realities of their patients. Not only does Care Prism solve the trust and insight problem, it also empowers clinicians by automating the real-time identification of exactly which patients need attention and why,” said Mark I Froimson, MD, MBA, Principal, Riverside Health Advisors; Past President, American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

“The significant investment Clarify has made in building a financial services grade technology and big data analytics platform provides the power and speed to run the machine learning models required to render actionable insights as the physician is seeing the patient,” said Jean Drouin, MD, CEO and co-founder, Clarify Health. “Clarify’s methods for unifying and analyzing siloed data sets has the potential to revolutionize how clinicians uncover previously hidden opportunities and improve outcomes across the board.”

About Clarify Health
Our vision is to power better care by personalizing and optimizing every care journey. Clarify Health delivers the insights and digital solutions that empower physicians, health systems, and payers to optimize care and thrive in a value-based world. The Clarify Health platform seamlessly integrates powerful analytics, artificial intelligence, real-time patient navigation, and smart workflows to proactively guide patients and their caregivers through personalized care journeys. Clarify Health brings together committed and passionate colleagues with backgrounds in big data and AI engineering from financial services together with extensive clinical operations expertise. The team has a track record of achieving over $1 billion in improvement at more than 125 health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies, and deploying cloud-based software at over 5,000 institutions.

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