June 21 2018

Employee Spotlight: Neechi Mosha, MD

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do?
I split my time between a few activities at Clarify and love that I get to wear different hats depending on the day (and sometimes hour). Part of my day-to-day involves developing high-level strategies, identifying and sizing business opportunities, and driving conversations with prospective customers and partners, ultimately helping to drive Clarify’s growth. In addition, I stay close to Clarify’s strategic advisors, finding ways to leverage their backgrounds and experiences to further our mission. Lastly, I have been working with our teams to clearly define our product offerings and communicate the ways in which our solutions stand out in the market.

2. What excites you most about Clarify?
Just as technology has completely transformed our personal lives, I am excited by Clarify’s ability to drive this level of transformation in the healthcare industry. As an MD, I will never forget the amazing experiences in the hospitals and clinics at Duke. I also recall the unfortunate experience in our primary care clinics when our patients would enter a “dark period” where we would have little information about them until they visited post-hospital discharge. I felt like we were constantly playing catch up. The opportunity to predict and, ideally, prevent these types of events is exactly the type of powerful care transformation that we are enabling at Clarify!

3. How did you hear about Clarify/How did you get here?
Prior to Clarify, I was most recently working as a consultant in The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s Healthcare practice. It was an amazing opportunity to guide the strategic thinking of some of the most impactful stakeholders in healthcare and I was very much energized by the work. When a recruiter reached out about Clarify, I was initially quite hesitant to leave. However, over the course of a few meetings, I knew this was not only a very experienced and highly motivated team but one that would also be critical enablers of my professional development. That, combined with the unwavering mission and values echoed by every team member, convinced me that Clarify would be a good fit, despite leaving BCG earlier than expected.

4. What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?
I enjoy the flexibility of my role and the ability to interface with many different teams. From working with folks in the Development team to define our solutions, to talking externally with partners, customers, and advisors, and leaning on our Data Science team to teach me all of the cool things they are up to, I never feel the monotony or silos that people in other organizations have described to me.

5. What project have you worked on here that you’re most proud of?
I love process and structure, so I have been really proud to work closely with various teams to set and define a few of Clarify’s key product offerings. In doing this, we sought input from each team to develop a deep understanding of what our core offerings are, how they are differentiated from our peers, what their roadmap for development is, and how we think about approaching the market. We then leveraged the multiple decades of experience of our strategic advisors to weigh in on our thinking in order to establish truly meaningful offerings. This type of work enables us to deliver the types of solutions that our partners and customers use to care for patients and members in the highest quality manner.

6. If you weren’t working at Clarify or in healthcare / technology in general, what would you be doing?
Honestly, I love food so much, I’d probably be doing something related to food. I’m also from Tanzania where one of our culinary specialties is a doughnut-like snack, known as mandazi. In the back of my mind, there has always been a dream to open a mandazi café and I know that the Bay Area would absolutely love it. For now, I’m happily doing what I can to improve our healthcare system but maybe you will find there is a mandazi shop near you in the not-so-distant future.

7. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I go for 7-mile runs most days out of the week.

8. What’s your favorite app?
Mint – I’m a bit obsessed with tracking my finances

9. Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?
New York – nothing can beat the coolness and diversity of that city in the summer

10. Salty or sweet?
Sweet! A chocolate SusieCakes cake mixed with Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies ice cream cannot be beaten in my mind

11. Favorite book, movie, and musician/band?
Book – I loved learning about Isaac Newton’s life as a detective in “Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World’s Greatest Scientist”

Movie – I can’t really decide between The Dark Knight and Love Actually

Musician – Kanye West or Drake (let’s see how their latest albums pan out)

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