January 21 2019

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Chiu

1. What is your position at Clarify and what do you do?
I am a Director of Clinical Transformation and Implementation. My goal is to support our customers in leveraging Prism’s analytic insights to improve the provision of care. To this end, I am also involved in the entire spectrum of product development, representing our customers’ perspectives to ensure our platform creates value in real-world clinical settings.

2. What excites you most about Clarify?
Our product roadmap and growth potential. We have an incredible tech stack, thanks to an amazing engineering team which previously built cloud-based risk management software in the financial industry. I’m not an engineer so I’ll avoid speaking technically, but I’ve seen how difficult it is for payers and providers to flexibly integrate and manipulate their data, and similarly, how many healthcare startups can only address point solutions due to their technological constraints. What excites me most about Clarify is our ability to point our data at new problems with relative ease – our end state will be the full spectrum of those point solutions, all in one platform.

3. How did you hear about Clarify / How did you get here?
I learned about Clarify Health through my colleagues at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Joining the Clinical Transformation team was an opportunity to continue the work I most enjoyed at BCG – using big data analytics to identify improvement opportunities and work with customers to implement operational change – within a more-scalable, productized lens. Legacy IT and infrastructure are significant barriers to achieving the full potential of healthcare analytics. Clarify’s cloud-based capabilities, designed to quickly deliver insights to any provider, wowed me and I knew I wanted to be more involved.

4. What aspect of your role do you enjoy most?
I love learning about the Engineering, Data Science, and Product aspects of our company. Healthcare lags other industries in digital transformation, so I know I haven’t been exposed to some of the advances in the technology and financial services spaces. I’m excited to learn what’s possible from our colleagues who’ve come from other industries and to collaborate towards building best-in-class analytics for healthcare.

5. What project have you worked on here that you’re most proud of?
I’ve been highly involved in the development of our patient risk stratification capabilities, predicting risk of inpatient admission and mortality and identifying impactable risk drivers that could better inform care interventions. Our initial work has already demonstrated an ability to match industry risk stratification methods while providing greater insight into clinical, social, and behavioral risk factors. The potential is exciting and foots to my personal belief that great healthcare focuses on keeping individuals healthy and out of the hospital setting.

6. If you weren’t working at Clarify or in healthcare / technology in general, what would you be doing?
I’d be working in social entrepreneurship. I very strongly considered NGOs at one point, but conversations with friends about the challenges and roadblocks, as well as Jacqueline Novogratz’s The Blue Sweater, changed my perspective on how to best incentivize change. I believe having some monetary component is crucial to incentivize stakeholders and ensure sustainable solutions.

7. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I started my career in healthcare while in college, supporting Jonathan Gruber in optimizing health plan design for the implementation of Massachusetts health reform. It’s safe to say I didn’t understand the full breadth and impact of our work at the time.

8. What’s your favorite app?
Apple Podcasts. Quickfire recommendations are Rough Translation, More Perfect, and WorkLife with Adam Grant.

9. Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled?
I dislike heavily trafficked areas so it’s probably the places that were hardest to get to: hiking in Isla Navarino in Chile and to Ciudad Perdida in Colombia, and a pretty difficult trotro ride to reach Busua Beach in Ghana.

10. Salty or sweet?

11. Favorite book, movie, and musician/band?
Book: Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder
Movie: Boondock Saints (though I haven’t really thought about this question since college)
Band: 90s Country is the most nostalgic for me. Maybe Diamond Rio or Randy Travis.

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