Silicon Valley Meets Healthcare

We're a purpose-built team that combines experienced engineering talent with deep healthcare expertise to bring our vision of better care to life.

Why We're Here

We exist to empower physicians and care teams to deliver great care.

The Challenge We Face

The healthcare industry today faces many challenges. Gaps in communication between patients and their care teams create confusion, delays, and anxiety. Doctors, nurses, and broader care teams are faced with busy schedules and limited resources. Hospital leaders are under pressure to increase efficiency, but they don’t have the critical analysis and technology to support their efforts. The cause is broken processes and inefficient workflows, which results in significant waste and a poor patient experience. Solutions on the market today only focus on a small piece of the problem that needs to be solved — and they’re not actionable in real-time. But changes in how services are billed are forcing hospitals to evolve, and advances in technology have created an opportunity to reimagine the way care is delivered.

We are a passionate group of professionals dedicated to making healthcare better. We deeply believe that the healthcare industry is ready for change with the rise of a more demanding consumer, the ability to engage patients through a smartphone, and the emergence of value-based payment models. As we continue to grow our team and work with our first customers, we are even more convinced that we are on the right path. If you are inspired or intrigued by our story and what drives us, please reach out to us.

When we founded the company, we deliberately brought together three core elements: healthcare leadership and operating experience, Silicon Valley big data software engineering, and cutting-edge data science.

Our prior track record in healthcare includes achieving over $1 billion in margin improvement at over 125 hospitals and health systems. Our observation was that we accomplished most of this using the best tools available at the time – Excel, checklists, and Post-It notes. Meanwhile, the banking, logistics (e.g., FedEx and Amazon), and airline industries had all graduated to far more precise and automated optimization tools powered by big data, algorithms, and real-time monitoring. We had the great fortune of joining this healthcare experience with the amazing engineering team, mostly out of Caltech, that had built Advent Software’s cloud-based financial accounting and risk management platform.  To round out the team, we have partnered with professors at the University of California at Berkeley and MIT to source in the data science and statistical methods to power our data cleaning, processing, and machine learning algorithms.

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