The technology already exists

Can you imagine:

  • Shipping a package without knowing the cost and delivery date in advance?
  • Taking a road trip without turn-by-turn directions?
  • Taking a flight without air traffic controllers?

...neither can we!


The Clarify solution

At Clarify Health, we use technology to reimagine a more collaborative approach to healthcare, where patients and their families can better understand and engage in the different steps of treatment and recovery. We collect data through real-time engagement with patients and care teams. Our analytics generate patient-specific insights. We then use these insights to "nudge" patients and care teams to optimize patient care. Ours is the most personal, real-time, and end-to-end solution available.

"We’ve literally had thirty vendors in this room and shown them all the door. Congratulations – what you’ve built is exactly what we’ve been looking for.”

Head of Innovation, Major Academic Medical Center

AI-Driven Analytics

Care Prism provides robust analytics on existing data to help healthcare providers better understand their performance on patient satisfaction, quality of outcomes, and episode costs. Some examples of how these analytics can benefit you:

  • Understand value drivers: Easily identify where your value and quality of care varies most
  • Know your doctors: Objectively evaluate physician outcomes and maximize opportunities on both volume and value
  • Engage your doctors in new ways: Allow physicians to easily interrogate data in real-time and refine their practices
  • Improve network design: Use data to manage post-acute care partners to ensure high-value care
  • Align your partners: Develop incentives for care partners to jointly deliver high-value care and share in the resulting gains
  • Negotiate confidently with payers: Know your numbers to improve your negotiating position with payers

Care Orchestration

Care Connect uses a robust analytics engine to stratify patients based on clinical and non-clinical characteristics, enabling clinicians to monitor patients in real-time, analyze patients based on their current trajectory, and intervene as needed.

  • Create detailed care plans based on predicted patient needs
  • Have guided conversations with patients on expectations and responsibilities
  • Track progress and get care plan updates in real-time
  • Prioritize interventions for patients
  • Get detailed scorecards outlining performance on key metrics

Patient Guidance

Care Pilot offers patients a precise, personalized mobile- and browser-based tool that guides them through their entire journey and empowers them in their own care.

  • Discuss expectations, agree to a Care Commitment, and receive individualized care plans
  • Set goals, give feedback, and receive regular encouragement and reminders
  • Track satisfaction and outcomes, including patient-reported outcomes
  • Connect to other devices that passively collect data for a care team
  • Share updates and feedback in real-time
  • Communicate with support circle and similar patients


Clinical Transformation

We work with our customers to ensure patients, care teams, and hospital leaders have the skills and capabilities to use our platform effectively. We understand that every health system, hospital, practice, and clinic has unique challenges, specialties, and goals. We will work closely with you to help design a tailored patient experience and to support change management to ensure a smooth implementation and adoption of the platform.


What differentiates us

The Clarify Health solution is:


Collects and analyzes data continuously


Stratifies patients at the beginning of treatment


Tailored to specific patient characteristics


Dynamically adjusts workflows


Houses data and software in a secure cloud


Easily integrates with existing systems


Available through both mobile and web browsers


Complies fully with all HIPAA requirements


Guarantees industry-standard uptime

HIPAA Compliant HITRUST CSF Infrastructure by Datica