FAQ: How does Clarify propose to accomplish change management with our diverse group of orthopedic surgeons, many of whom value their independence?

In our experience, it is very difficult to change behaviors across industries – and physicians are no exception to this rule. We fundamentally believe that physicians want to deliver the highest-value care possible to their patients while also practicing at the top of their license.

Combined, our team has worked closely with over 100 hospitals and health systems to optimize workflows and realize hard value. In every case, this requires working alongside physician leaders to change behaviors across the organization. In addition, our senior advisors have played physician leadership roles at leading health systems and successfully led change efforts, delivering better outcomes along the way.

We have learned that achieving real change to standardize workflows across physicians requires the following:

Data Transparency: When shown data, especially in comparison with peers, physicians are much more likely to change their practices. The Clarify solution empowers management to easily analyze performance data, including outcomes and satisfaction, at the physician level, compared to peers and configurable benchmarks. We also enable individual physicians to log in to the software to explore the data at their own pace.

Individual support: Physicians appreciate receiving individualized attention and support in adopting new practices and workflows. Physicians must not only understand why the change is important but also have the necessary training and support to effectively change. During the implementation process, Clarify will work with physicians on an individual or small-group basis to ensure that they participate in the process and receive the right training.

Change champions: Identifying a small number of champions who support the change and can advocate for it amongst their peers is critical. These champions can also help role model the new workflows.

Skin in the game: Physicians recognize the role that changing their workflows can play in a hospital’s success in bundled payments. While physicians do strive to provide the best possible care to patients, they also want to participate in the potential upside that these new workflows can yield.