Are you ready for episodes of care?

Take our quiz to evaluate your own readiness for episodes of care.

Do you:

  • Generate timely (i.e., real-time) insights from fragmented data sources?
  • Engage and guide patients through delightful care journeys?
  • Simplify and optimize the workflows that define these journeys?
  • Engage clinicians with trusted data to drive cultural change?
  • Have elegant and efficient digital solutions to produce efficient episodes in a scalable way?Have the analytical talent and capacity you need?

Many providers answer “no” to most, if not all, of these questions. In fact, few providers are ready to truly thrive under episodes of care. According to CMS’s 2nd annual progress report of BPCI, of providers who signed up for the BPCI program, only 16.8% indicated that they had previous experience with bundles, and >50% said that they joined to learn more. Our experience shows that even fewer participants in CMS’s mandatory bundle programs are prepared to succeed, let alone thrive, in these programs.

If that is the case for you, Clarify can provide additional direct support to help you prepare for episodes of care so you can begin to thrive.