New Opportunities for Care Bundles

PwC's Strategy& annual care bundles survey results show promise of the expansion of bundles, with 83 percent of hospitals either interested in or already participating in these payments. However, there is still a “mismatch” between what providers do and what employers want. But this “mismatch” points to great opportunity for those who can push bundles beyond the pilot stage.

Here are several key insights we found interesting:

1) Bundles bring massive positive impact. About two-thirds of providers have improved quality and realized savings through bundles; 55 percentage of patients were more satisfied with bundles.

2) Employers’ interests are misaligned with providers’. Employers seek greater financial impact and various bundles, whereas hospitals have kept efforts small.

3) This mismatch opens doors to opportunities for healthcare stakeholders.
     a. Hospitals can commit to an at-scale bundles strategy.
     b. Payers and intermediaries can serve as industry aggregators.
     c. Employers can guide bundle development to meet their needs and the needs of employees.