Top quality, affordable patient care is a goal we all share. However, the healthcare industry doesn’t always let us deliver on this goal. Patients feel disconnected, families are left out of the loop, doctors and nurses get stretched to the limit, and hospital leaders face pressure to operate more efficiently. Clarify Health offers healthcare providers and patients an integrated solution that increases patient and staff satisfaction, improves clinical outcomes, and makes care more affordable. We are here to help.


Healthcare is not always what it should be


Today, patient journeys through the healthcare system are broken. Providers operate independently with limited communication and poor integration, often leaving patients feeling abandoned. And with Medicare launching programs like Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) on April 1, 2016, hospitals are increasingly accountable for entire episodes of care. These changes will have a huge impact on revenue and will require hospitals to rethink how they can efficiently deliver consistent, high-value care.


A platform powered by data, built for human beings


Better healthcare requires more collaboration between patients, family members, and care teams. New technology alone is not enough. Our integrated solution redesigns the way care is delivered through real-time data, comprehensive analysis, and operational insights, connecting all the dots in a patient's journey both inside and outside the hospital. Our Predictive Analytics capability helps healthcare providers make more informed business decisions. By understanding what patients likely need and want at every step, our Workflow Optimization solution makes it easier to track progress, improve predictive capabilities, and reach quality and efficiency goals. And our Clinical Transformation team will partner with you to ensure a pain-free implementation of our platform and ensure swift adoption by clinicians and care coordinators.


A solution for patients, providers and payers


Everybody wants the healthcare system to work better. Our platform gives our customers the tools they need to make it happen. Patients stay connected with their care teams and have a better overall experience. Clinicians, care coordinators, and family members can encourage patients and track behavior and milestones in real time. Health systems get valuable data to manage and optimize treatment programs. And payers (including employers) better understand costs. It all helps healthcare providers deliver on their service promise to patients and those who help pay for their care.


Many perspectives, one mission


We are experienced clinicians, engineers, statisticians, family members, and patients who believe passionately that there is a better, more humane, and more efficient way to receive and deliver care. We bring into healthcare the very best approaches from other industries in a way that empowers both patients and clinicians. Come find out more about us and what we hold true.