Orchestrate precise, personalized care

Care Pilot offers a mobile- and browser-based patient engagement tool that guides patients through their entire care journey and empowers them to engage in their own care. Care Connect links seamlessly with Care Pilot, giving the care team real-time insights into patient progress, generating alerts, and allowing care teams to intervene when needed.

"No one else is providing an integrated operating platform across the continuum of care. We need this!”

Orthopedic Service Line Leader


High expectations

Patient expect more from their healthcare. Patients want precise, personalized, high-quality care at an affordable price. They are also able and willing to take a more active role in their own care.

Patients expect:
  • Easy access to quality care providers
  • Respect for their time
  • The fastest recovery possible
  • To get back to fully enjoying life
  • Care they can afford


Care Orchestration

Care Connect enables care teams to proactively guide patients through their care:
  • Shed light on patient-reported outcomes, mood, and progress in-between visits to ensure that patients are still on the right path
  • Understand when patients need immediate intervention and directly message them via a secure portal
  • Respond to patient satisfaction ratings for immediate service recovery
  • Manage patient loads more efficiently through our simple, automated management tool


Patient Guidance

Care Pilot activates patients in their own care. It allows patients to:
  • Discuss expectations, agree to a Care Commitment, and receive individualized care plans
  • Set goals, give feedback, and receive regular encouragement and reminders
  • Track satisfaction and outcomes, including PROMs
  • Connect to other devices that passively collect data for a care team
  • Share updates and feedback with a care team
  • Communicate with a support circle and similar patients


How it works

We partner with you to set up Care Pilot and Care Connect for your team. We work directly with you to configure patient care to your specific practice. And we support you in getting your teams to adopt the new workflows.

Once you are up and running, patients are onboarded to Care Pilot through a simple, digital process. They are then automatically added to your Care Connect workstation and are ready to go!

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