"You have built the first Bloomberg for healthcare"

CEO, Major Academic Medical Center

How is your performance?

Expectations in the healthcare industry are quickly changing. Providers, payers, and industry players are all expected to deliver higher-value care, yet they lack the analytical tools to do so effectively.

Currently, providers do not have an efficient, real-time solution to clean and integrate their data, while payers and industry players struggle to engage providers effectively on episodes. Retrospective and predictive performance insights will enable all players to succeed in episodes.


Our predictive analytics give you answers. Fast.

Care Prism, backed by our artificial intelligence engine Aristotle.ai, provides the analytics that will help you to:

  • Understand value drivers
  • Objectively evaluate physician outcomes
  • Engage your doctors in new ways
  • Improve your network design
  • Align your partners
  • Negotiate confidently

How it works

We first conduct a rapid analytics diagnostic that takes 1-2 weeks and requires minimal effort from you. We integrate your latest data into our software and conduct brief interviews with a few leaders of your organization. We will then analyze your data, benchmark it against peers, and develop insights specific to your performance.

As we complete the diagnostic, we also train your team to use our Care Prism software effectively and efficiently. At the end of the diagnostic, your team will be ready to use Care Prism to get insights and take action.

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